College Health Plans Sidestep New Health Law Regulation

The Wall Street Journal explores college health plans and notes that as the health overhaul has progressed they “have managed to sidestep, at least for now, the regulatory clampdown that has sent hospitals, insurers and corporations scrambling. How’d they pull it off? Since student plans for the 2010-11 school year were negotiated before Sept. 23, they aren’t subject to the regulations this year. … There is broad consensus that, as a group, college health-insurance plans rank among the worst in the nation for consumers. Many college plans come with remarkably low benefit ceilings—in some cases as little as $2,500. Others limit areas of coverage, such as preventative services and chemotherapy” (Silver-Greenberg and Pilon, 9/25).

Related, earlier KHN story: College Student Health Plans Often Get Low Marks (Andrews, 5/25)

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