First Edition: September 27, 2010

Today’s headlines include reports that some campaigning Democrats are embracing the health overhaul.

Insuring Your Health: Health Law Calls For Breast Cancer Warnings To Young Women
In her latest consumer Kaiser Health News consumer column, Michelle Andrews writes: “Breast cancer is extremely rare in young women. But when it does happen, it can be serious, even deadly. A little-noticed section in the health-care overhaul aims to raise awareness among young women and their doctors about the risk of breast cancer between the ages of 15 and 44” (Kaiser Health News).

Text: The Republican ‘Pledge’ On Health Care
With an eye on the midterm elections, Republicans in the House of Representative released “A Pledge to America” — an outline of what they plan to do if they gain control of Congress. Kaiser Health News summarized the section that talks about health care (Kaiser Health News).

Employers, Workers To Pay More For Health Coverage
Healthcare premiums paid by large U.S. employers have more than doubled over the last decade, but the costs to their employees more than tripled, a study released Monday found (Los Angeles Times). 

In Nevada, Reid Launches Healthcare Attack On Angle
Facing an irate electorate unsold on the new healthcare law, many Democrats have shied away from President Obama’s signature domestic achievement on the campaign trail. Sen. Harry Reid has no such option (Los Angeles Times).

Not All Dems Run From Health Care Law
A handful of House Democrats are taking to the campaign trail in support of the health reform law by framing key provisions as a “Patient’s Bill of Rights.” Spurred by last week’s release of a series of rigid insurance rules, the lawmakers are defying this election season’s conventional wisdom placing by health care front and center (Politico).

Harvard Pilgrim Cancels Medicare Advantage Plan
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care has notified customers that it will drop its Medicare Advantage health insurance program at the end of the year, forcing 22,000 senior citizens in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine to seek alternative supplemental coverage (The Boston Globe).

Indian Health Officials To Face Senate Critics
Officials from the federal Indian Health Service are being called to Capitol Hill on Tuesday to answer questions about mismanagement and possible criminal behavior at a regional office that serves four Midwestern states (The Associated Press).

Cancer Docs Lobby For Prostheses
Breast surgeons and cancer advocates are lobbying Washington’s lawmakers and regulators with a singular goal: Medicare coverage of custom breast prostheses for mastectomy patients. Advocates contend that breasts remain the only body part for which Medicare does not reimburse custom fabricated prosthetic replacements (Politico).

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