Keeping you and your wallet a little healthier

Times are tough. Taking care of your health—and your finances—
is more important than ever.

We’re here for you. Our website is full of resources to help you make smart decisions about your health care and spending.

So take advantage of our tools and tips. And feel empowered to make a healthy difference in your lifestyle … and your budget!
Make your health care dollars work for you

Consumer-directed health plans: coverage and control

They combine health care coverage with a fund or account to help you pay for health care expenses. See how they can work for you. More

Eight ways to save a little money

When you need health care, it’s easy to save by visiting doctors and hospitals in the Aetna Network. Get seven more money-saving tips. More

Manage your medicines and your spending

Pay less for some prescription drugs
The Aetna Preferred Drug List — an option for you?

Save money with generics
Generic drugs can help lower what you pay.
Take better care of you… and your budget

Eat right when money’s tight
You can eat healthy foods without breaking the bank.

Find out how much smoking costs you
Smoking costs big bucks. Besides affecting your health, find out just how much it’s costing you.
Make sure your coverage and your finances are in order

Keeping health coverage after losing your job
You have options for health insurance coverage, even after a layoff.

Compare plans, get quotes, apply online
Get price quotes on health insurance coverage for individuals.

Retirement planning: It’s not too soon
Plan for retirement with a few useful pointers.
Make the most of your Aetna membership

Aetna FSA Savings Calculator
Our Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Calculator shows you the money.

Prescription medicine, delivered to your door
Save money and skip an errand? Prescription drug mail-order service might be a smart option for you.

Estimated costs in your area
Don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself how the Aetna network can help you save.
Take care of your well-being

Stress management in tough times
Recognize and deal with stress.

11 ways to reduce stress
Try relaxation and other stress-busting techniques.
Savings for Medicare members
Here are a few ways you can minimize expenses and maximize your savings
Hear what some of our experienced professionals have to say
Aetna streaming media

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