Today’s OpEds: Medicare Private Plans And The Health Law’s Impact On Employer Coverage

Debunking Medicare Myths Kaiser Health News
What’s needed most today in American health care is innovative change which drives up productivity and value. With the right incentives, that’s what the private sector can deliver, even as it’s been clear for some time that the federal government cannot do likewise (James Capretta, 9/2).

The Effects Of The Affordable Care Act On Workers’ Health Insurance Coverage New England Journal Of Medicine
Many employers will find that offering coverage through the exchanges is an attractive option, owing to wider risk pooling, low administrative costs, and expanded choices (Christine Eibner, Peter Hussey and Federico Girosi, 9/1).

Health Care ‘No’ Hurts Minnesota (Minneapolis-St. Paul) Star Tribune
How much federal money will Minnesota lose to other states because Gov. Tim Pawlenty dislikes the new federal health care reform law? … The lost-opportunity tally is bound to grow — and with it, the negative impact on Minnesota lives (9/1).

Court Pulls Plug On Bad Amendments (Fort Myers, Fla.) News-Press
Legislating by referendum is usually a bad idea, in part because it’s tough to deal with complex issues in ballot language that’s simple and clear enough for voters to understand. The process also lends itself to trickery. The Florida Supreme Court is to be applauded for stepping in this week to prevent both kinds of abuse on the November ballot (9/2).

Patients Are Less Likely To Sue When Doctors Apologize For Errors St. Louis Post-Dispatch
But we don’t have to choose between fairly compensating injured patients and protecting good doctors. The key to reducing malpractice claims dramatically lies with doctors and hospital administrators (9/1).

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