Today’s OpEds: Obama Legal Victory And The Economics Of Health Reform

A Legal Victory for ObamaCare Los Angeles Times
Clearly, there will be much more ink spilled on the legal questions raised by the new healthcare law. Still, this round clearly goes to the administration (Jon Healy, 10/7).

The Uncertainties Of Pay-For-Performance The New York Times 
Although accurate data on the actual use of [pay-for-performance] are hard to come by, it is a safe bet that in the United States at least 90 percent of all payments to providers of health care are not based on the quality of the care reported by the providers to have been delivered (Uwe Reinhardt, 10/8).

The Laws Of Economics Strike Back Fox News
Well, Obamacare has barely started taking effect, and the evidence is already rolling in. I hate to say we told them so, but … we told them so. The laws of economics have struck back (John Stossel, 10/7).

Seniors Won’t Lose Health Insurance Des Moines Register
Sen. Chuck Grassley is notorious for targeting waste, fraud and abuse to save taxpayers’ money. So it’s hard to understand his opposition to phasing out Medicare Advantage plans (10/8).

Ravitch Has A Good Remedy For Medicaid Albany Times Union
In fact, [Lt. Gov. Richard Ravitch] recommends several common sense ideas that would address the New York medical malpractice crisis, lower costs to both patients and providers, and improve patient safety (Dr. Lee Goldman, 10/8).

Private Plans Benefit Medicare Recipients Des Moines Register
Since improving health care quality is a central objective of the health reform law, Medicare Advantage plans’ strong track record should be objectively evaluated, not glibly ignored (Karen Ignagni, 10/8).

Gaps In Medical Research Ethics Los Angeles Times
Ethics review remains essential for medical research, but it needs to overcome the problems of its past (Laura Stark, 10/8).

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