Today’s Opinions: Berwick On Medicare ‘Illusion,’ Wall Street Journal Sees Wyden Defecting On Health Law

Surer Footing For Medicare The Washington Post
Under the act, Medicare is stronger than it has been in years, and seniors will get new benefits. That’s no illusion; that’s progress (Dr. Donald Berwick, 9/3).

Shifting The Health Cost Burden The New York Times
In other words, employers shifted virtually all of the increased premium costs to their hapless workers, who were in a weak position to resist in an economy where there were few other jobs to jump to (9/2).

Wyden Defects On ObamaCare The Wall Street Journal
One of the Democratic Party’s leading experts on health care wants his state to dump the individual mandate that is among ObamaCare’s core features (9/3).

On Health Care, The Devil’s In The Details The New York Times
If there is competition, and if the price for a clearly-defined benefit package is competitive, it is not clear why patients would care about the medical-loss ratio or its details (Uwe Reinhardt, 9/3).

Repealing ObamaCare Spells Problems For Medicare, Medicaid The (Grand Junction, Colo.) Daily Sentinel
Indeed, rhetoric and rabble rousing is easy. On the other hand, policy development and management relies on a few more functional brain cells (Dr. Michael Pramenko, 9/2).

Health Law’s Retiree Perk Won’t Last Long MarketWatch
Still, it’s not as if this program does the greatest good for the greatest number of people. In fact, it doesn’t do anything to help pre-Medicare retirees who don’t have employer-sponsored health insurance (Robert Powell, 9/3).

Your Stake In Electronic Medical Records CNBC
The use of EMR as a standard way to exchange healthcare information will lower the costs of healthcare delivery and let physicians get back to the basics — thoughtful, holistic patient care (Rob Merkel, 9/2).

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