Looking Ahead: What Health System Changes To Expect In 2011

News outlets are offering forward-looking reports on what to expect in 2011 as the implementation of the health law proceeds even as some members of Congress seek to stop it.

The Philadelphia Inquirer: Health-Care Changes Are Arriving – Slowly
[M]illions of Americans [are] already exploring realities of the health-care overhaul, provisions likely to remain in place even as lawmakers threaten to repeal or defund it. Several key measures began taking effect for insurance plans written or renewed starting in September. More are scheduled for 2011, some benefiting consumers directly, others affecting insurance companies in various ways (Conaboy/Avril, 1/2).

Detroit Free Press: Health Reforms Kick Up For 2011
The majority of Michigan’s insurance plans are adopting big changes this year, according to the state’s Office of Finance and Insurance Regulation. Now, most policies won’t dump dependent children as soon as they’re out of school (Erb/Anstett, 1/3).

Kaiser Health News: Nine Ways The New Health Law May Affect You In 2011
Opponents of the new health care overhaul law are threatening to repeal, defund and kill it in court, but that isn’t stopping Washington from implementing a number of important provisions in 2011″ (KHN Staff, 1/3).

The Christian Science Monitor: Health Care Reform 101: What Will Kick In Jan. 1?
The clock is ticking for health care reform. As Republicans take control of the House, defunding and eventually repealing one of President Obama’s signature legislative accomplishments are top GOP priorities. In addition, legal challenges against the individual mandate to purchase health insurance, due to take effect in 2014, are heading toward the US Supreme Court. At the same time, other pieces of the Affordable Care Act are phasing in, as scheduled (Feldman, 12/31).

Politico: 6 States To Watch On Health Reform
Health reform repeal efforts will generate a lot of noise in the opening weeks of the 112th Congress – but the real action on health reform is going to ramp up outside the Beltway in state capitals (Kliff, 1/3).

Houston Chronicle: Facing Up To A New Reality
For many people in the Houston area, the policy debates that will embroil Washington in 2011 are all too real… The region’s acclaimed medical research facilities aren’t sure whether budget cuts might end up costing them money and jobs (Dunham, 1/2).

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