Politics And Advocacy Swirl Around The Health Overhaul’s Next Chapter

News outlets examine how lobbyists and policy advocates have fared thus far and look ahead to the 2012 election.  

Roll Call: This Time, Health Care Advocates Have Edge
For advocacy groups on both sides of the health care debate, the new year rings in a rerun of the past, as a contentious debate begins over Republican legislation to repeal the sweeping health care law. But this time, liberal coalitions who spent much of last year on the defensive are confident they can win the public relations battle over repeal efforts (Roth, 1/5).

Kaiser Health News: The CEOs of many key health care trade groups earned big bonuses in 2009, when the congressional debate over health legislation dominated their agendas. While the bonuses suggest that member companies were pleased with the performance of their Washington advocates, the battle over the law isn’t over, and the well-rewarded CEOs and lobbyists face new challenges (Vaida, 1/5).

The Hill: Former GOP Senator: Healthcare Could Sink Mitt Romney In 2012
Former Sen. and likely 2012 Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum (Pa.), is getting tougher on some of his potential GOP rivals, particularly the man many peg as the early frontrunner — former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. In an interview with The Hill, Santorum said the path to the GOP nomination for the candidate he endorsed in 2008 may be all but blocked in 2012 thanks to the health care law Romney signed as governor of Massachusetts (D’Aprile, 1/5).

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