Republican Long-Term ‘Undo’ Effort Will Be No Easy Task

Even as the GOP flexes its new political muscle, news outlets offer analysis of the difficulties involved in the long-term strategy to prevent the health law’s implementation — including the difficulties involved in attempts to defund it. Meanwhile, PBS explores how this debate could trigger the return of the “death panel” issue.

NPR: GOP Faces Uphill Climb to Undo Health Law
One of the top items on Republicans’ to-do list when they take over control of the U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday is to undo one of the Democrats’ signature achievements of the last Congress: the sweeping health system overhaul. And when that vote comes, which could be as soon as next week, it’s expected to pass with overwhelming — possibly even unanimous — Republican support. But while House Republicans are likely to hail it as a major victory and campaign promise kept, it’s unlikely to get far in the Senate, which remains controlled by Democrats. … But again, House Republicans can’t act alone. And even delaying or defunding it won’t be easy (Rovner, 1/4).

Los Angeles Times: Republicans Ready To Flex New Muscle In Congress
Stepping into the spotlight of a new Congress this week, freshly empowered Republicans are vowing to undo much of the work of the last Congress and launch investigations into a raft of Obama administration programs. But their heavily partisan strategy runs the risk of alienating voters who are more concerned about jobs. At a moment when Republicans finally have the attention of economically beleaguered Americans, they will spend the time on an effort to repeal the health care overhaul, challenges to federal regulations and a reading of the Constitution on the House floor (Mascaro and Hennessey, 1/3).

PBS NewsHour: Government Regulation Prompts New Look at ‘Death Panel’ Debate
As Republicans plan their strategy to go after the health care reform law “piece by piece” this year, one circa-2009 issue looks to be poised for a comeback: end-of-life-care (Winerman, 1/3).

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